Is the tuition session always for one hour?

Yes. Our tuition session, or as we like to call it, the ‘MusicHour™’ will always be for one academic hour (55 minutes) per pupil.

How much does each MusicHour™ cost?

Each MusicHour™ costs from £39.50 per session and takes place weekly over 3 terms of autumn, spring and summer to run in conjunction with most school terms. You pay in advance upon invoice at the start of every term. Each term you will buy a package of 10 sessions. If you wish to add more than the standard 10 sessions, you can of course ‘top-up’.

Where will the MusicHour™ take place?

The MusicHour™ will take place in your own home using your child’s own instrument. We provide a competitive instrument hire and purchase service should your child not have their own.

Do parents remain in the room during the session?

No. To allow the professor and the pupil to bond fully, it is recommended that the MusicHour™ is not observed. However, professors are not allowed to be alone in the house with the pupil – a responsible adult has to be on call. Once a term, parents will be encouraged to sit in on a MusicHour™ to observe.

What happens if my child is ill or wishes to cancel a session?

A notice period of 48 hours must be given to postpone a MusicHour™ – as you pay termly in advance, if this notice period is given your MusicHour™ will be rescheduled. If however the notice period is not given, you will lose that session from your PrePaid block.

What if I have more than one child who would like music lessons?

It is recommended that each child has their own MusicHour™ and a discount is given if each child’s MusicHour™ is scheduled consecutively back to back. E.g. Tommy’s MusicHour™ commences at 4pm until 5pm, and his sister Sally’s MusicHour™ commences immediately afterwards at 5pm until 6pm. Although not recommended, it is possible to divide the MusicHour™ in certain circumstances between two children.

What is the minimum/maximum age of a person who can have music lessons?

The age range of our pupils runs from two to ninety-two!

Do you teach adults?

Yes! Simple as that. See the Adult tuition page here for more information.