Patricia Bennett, Chiswick

Hello, my name is Patricia and Sophie has had violin lessons with the Arts Academy now for the past four years. I find their service absolutely super. They seem to know just how important it is that my daughter needs to take exams and learn in the best environment possible, which is with me at home where I can keep a track of her progress on a day to day basis to make sure that she progresses as I think she should. She’s a talented girl I’m very proud of her and I do hope that she continues to receive music lessons like this in the future.

Mike Ford, Battersea

Hi there. My son has piano lessons and he thinks it’s great.

Joe Addinall aged 8, Highgate

I do an electric guitar man and it is really cool. My teacher is wicked.  And we have lots of fun playing from Metallica through to Queen. I am a little like Brian May without that fussy hear!!

Jane Aebi, Notting Hill

I just started my 2 year-old daughter with Arts Academy mini service. I did think about putting into group tuition but I decided that having fun with the instrument pack they send that in my home would be better focused on my daughter. This way I can keep an eye on a teacher and I also get to enjoy learning music with her. Both myself and my daughter enjoy it equally and I think she gets a lot of stimulation from it. She now loves listening to Mozart on our long journeys we go where we traveling from London to Norfolk. Let’s hope this continues for longer and I will be a very happy customer...

Madalena Alderman aged 5, Hackney

I have piano lessons with Arts Academy. I can’t decide who likes it more me or the cat that always ends walking on piano when I try to have my lesson. If the cat thinks it is musical so do I it’s great fun...

Alexandra Baker, Knightsbridge

I supposed to be worried about the teacher come around to my house. I always used to go around their house when I was having lessons. However, it does save me the hassle of having to travel which I really like and it means that I can feel very comfortable in my own home. I got used to it very quickly and I’ve now settled to routine and I can honestly recommend having private music tuition at home. It’s much better! My Arts Academy teacher seems to be fine, although I don’t really have much dealing with the actual Arts Academy office, it is a bit like hiring a normal private teacher to me. (If a little bit more expensive) However, I suppose if something went wrong they would be there to back me up. Overall, I would recommend Arts Academy.

Fiona Blake, Hounslow

I looked at their website and I thought they have a very good website, I phoned them up and realised that they are quite expensive compared to some the other options I’ve seen on the internet. However, they offered me a great deal which I have managed to pursue them to keep on going. I am now on my second year with Arts Academy and I am still on the original deal that I had. If you be clever you can get a great deal with them as they do seem offer special promotions regularly through a year. It is definitely worth to trying to get one of them.

Robert Burns, Greenwich

No problems. Good services. Very quick.

Rosie Burton, Wembley

I hire my piano through Arts Academy as well as having my piano lessons for my two twin boys.  They take an hour each, are age 7, and although I thought an hour at the start would be too long it seems to work just fine. I do like the way my teacher seems to understand and teach information to do with whole orchestra (I wish I have had this sorted tuition when I was young). They are getting on very well and the books which Arts Academy provides with a lot of fun and my boys get great enjoyment out of it.