Zsuzsanna Melinda Tamas is a native Hungarian, born in Romania. She started her violin studies at early years, earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in 2005 in Cluj Napoca. She studied violin under Prof. Valeriu Maior and Gero Botar.

Her studies in Music Performance and Education together with her experience as a Professional Musician in many orchestras has greatly enhanced her knowledge about the role and importance of music and instrumental teaching. As a violin teacher she has had the privilege to work with students across a wide age range Her experience includes individual lessons and group instrumental or musicianship lessons. She has experience working with the syllabuses of all major examination boards, from prep level to grade 8.

She is a violinist with many different orchestras in London such as LMTO and Notting Hill Orchestra for Film Music. Zsuzsanna has won a first violin position at the National Romanian Opera of Cluj Napoca (2008) and the National Hungarian Opera and Theatre (2012). Immediately after earning her degree, she started her career at the National Philharmonic Orchestra or Oradea.

She has toured extensively throughout Europe. In addition to working for Arts Academy, she is also working for The Strings Club, and volunteering as a Violin Teaching Assistant.