Csongor Debreczy has been dealing with music since his age of fourteen, and began to write songs and play on guitar in his age of fifteen, when he started a Guitar course at Hangszíntér Music College, in Hungary. In Hangszíntér, he learnt how to improvise in different music styles, such as Jazz, Blues, Rock and also learnt advanced music theory. He earned ”The Best musician of the year” award in 2011 college year. He formed his own rock band called Célpont, where the band were playing original songs which Csongor wrote. The band were constantly touring around Hungary and having a lot of gigs, gained him a huge experience.

After finishing the college at Hangszíntér, Csongor also did a further higher education course within the style of Jazz music, in which he obtained a grade 7 in Music theory and a grade 8 in professional practice. In the meanwhile, he was playing gigs with another formation called Smoking blues band, which has given him a wide range of experience in the style of Blues music. He was also performing Jazz (mostly fusion) with other formations, and joined a Rock band called, Leaner. All have given him a huge stage experience, and he learnt how to work with people in different music styles.

He began to teach music/guitar in private lessons which he really enjoyed. For the next step, he chose to move to England and study in Guildford, at the Academy Of Contemporary Music (ACM). Csongor has performed with Carl Orr, Jon Bishop, Michael Casswell, and many guitar professionals who were also mentoring and teaching him in a professional level. He formed a band called Missmaze, an Alternative rock trio where he plays on guitar, sings, and being the main songwriter. He finished his Guitar Degree course at the Academy Of Contemporary Music in 2015 July, and would like to continue his music career as a teacher, to help as many people as he can, by sharing and giving them his experiences, so that they can become what they really want. He’s always willing to learn and experience more, and looking forward to new opportunities.