Stephen would describe himself as an eclectic musician, playing all styles of music including classical, blues, jazz, pop and rock. He has also composed over 200 songs including a number of children’s songs for an album he co-produced in 1985.

In 1977 he performed for HM The Queen during a Silver Jubilee concert. At this time he also began teaching music.

In 1982 he spent three months touring the US where he performed as a singer/songwriter across 16 states.

Throughout his career I have performed many times as a solo artist and has recorded 2 albums of his own music. He also has a number of songs published.

Children’s education has always been important to him. As a writer he has spent the past year writing questions and answers for a children’s educational board game called The Family Game. The questions covered all subjects taught in the National Curriculum and were written to be fun as well as educational.

Last year he worked with a local children’s theatre as musical director, during which time he arranged and taught songs to a group of children aged 7 to 15. Six months of rehearsal ended with a stage production in which the children acted and performed 6 songs at a local theatre.

A few years ago he also began developing an online piano teaching programme for children called Keyplay With Rees. It’s a zany approach to teaching piano that involves a spaceship, an eccentric piano teacher called Rees and a number of characters played by puppets. The principle aspects of teaching that he implemented in the programme are those that he uses for one-on-one lessons.

His approach to teaching is very informal. In fact, his main goal is to make the lessons as fun as possible by teaching pupils the kind of music they like to listen to. This helps to keep them enthusiastic and more inclined to practice.

Apart from music, he is also an actor, writer and artist. As an actor he has performed on stage in Covent Garden, as a fine artist held a solo exhibition at the 33Collective Gallery in Chicago and as a writer he has written several stage plays and screen plays. One of his stage plays called The Wrong Goodbye, was performed in Abingdon 2 years ago to capacity audiences and received an official endorsement from The Alzheimer’s Society.