Natalia started her music education privately at age of 5 and then entered the academic school of music at the age of seven. By the age of 11, she knew she wanted to make music her profession. She continued her musical education to higher grades in local College of Fine Arts and expanded her professional knowledge in various music subjects (theory, harmony, polyphony in music, analysis of musical form, musical criticism, reading and arrangements in orchestra and choir scores). Natalia graduated in Piano, Musicology and Research in music at The Ufa State Institute of Arts, which has been approved by UK NARIC to a British Bachelor (Honours) degree.

After graduating, she desired to continue her work in semantic research in music and started working on her dissertation "Semantic process in musical themes of D.Scarlatti's sonatas" under a brilliant guidance of her teacher mentor.During those years she published some work from her research, while working in Ufa College of Pedagogic and Music, and in an experimental school-studio for children and reading a course of lectures in music with a team of NQT piano payers -graduates. After having her daugther, Natalia devoted herself to her upbringing. Meanwhile, she was constantly noting thoughts about musical development in children. Having tested her techniques on her daughter's musical development, she emphasizes the importance of accents on the aural and sight-reading development.