Davide Sciortino is a professional singer-songwriter and producer. Originally from Palermo (Italy) he started his music career at a very young age, performing on stage with some of the biggest Italian artists on the scene.His background is mainly soul music and jazz as Davide musically grew up studying on soul classics of Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke and Donny Hathaway before moving towards jazz standards and hip hop. He moved to London in 2009 and he is now a graduate at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (London), currently among the best universities in Europe for its music education. He is currently lead singer and musical director of London based soul bands Retrospective For Love and The Fresh Prints. He is also resident musician for top London venues such as The Bassoon Bar and Harvey Nichols (OXO Tower).Davide has taught singing and piano, and music technology to people from an early age to their late 40s. Having worked as a nanny for many years in past, he approaches teaching children in the most natural way. He is very passionate about education and he strongly thinks that music can open people's mind and can help them building good self-confidence while having fun.