Daniel is a Spanish clarinettist and saxophonist currently studying the musical instrument repair trade at South Thames College in London. He read his Bachelor’s degree with honours in clarinet, symphony orchestra and chamber music and obtained the first prize to perform the Aaron Copland’s clarinet concert with the orchestra at Higher School of Music in Seville (Spain). In addition, he took part in several master-classes and training courses all around the world with clarinettists such as Andreas Sundén, Nicholas Cox, Radovan Cavallin, César Martín, Hedwig Swimberghe, Ramón Barona, Dimitry Ashkenazy, J.E. Lluna, Josep Fuster, Justo Sanz, Piotr Szymyslic or José Luís Estellés.

Daniel has also performed with several music groups such as clarinet quartets, wind quintets, wind ensembles, symphonic concert bands of music or youth and professional symphony orchestras. He has had special opportunities to work with the Royal Symphony Orchestra of Seville (ROSS) and the Ciudad de Granada Orchestra (OCG) performing with well-known musicians such as the opera singer Plácido Domingo and guest conductors from all over the world. Furthermore, since his relocated to London, Daniel has performed with British orchestras such as the University of London Symphony Orchestra (ULSO).

Daniel has worked as a private piano and wind teacher, and always adapts his lessons to students’ needs and levels in order to help them to achieve their goals.