Joining Fee

We offer a FREE consultation for all clients | If you decide to join us after this consultation, the Joining Fee is normally £130 per pupil, but until the end of this month, we have a special offer of £0 Joining Fee.  That's right, we will completely waive the fee for the rest of the month.  To take advantage of this offer, click here.

Lesson Prices

30 minutes  | Our sessions start from £31.50 for 30 minutes of tuition.  For premium professors fees are from £36.50 for 30 minutes.

60 minutes  | Our sessions start from £39.50 for an hour of tuition.  For premium professors fees are from £44.50 for an hour.


5% Discount  |  Annual Payment (three terms)

5% Discount  |  Sibling Discount (for two consecutive MusicHour™'s running back to back with the same professor)

10% Discount  |  Recommend A Friend (discount for the following term of your friend joining the Arts Academy)

100% Discount  |  Recommend A Friend - yes you read it right! If you recommend three friends who join the Arts Academy, we will give you your tuition up to ten MusicHour's™ per term 100% FREE, and you'll continue to receive all of your tuition free for the length of time we have three of your friends with the Arts Academy.

Or call 0800 038 5544