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At the moment we have no vacancies in the administration area of the Arts Academy. We are however looking for professors.


We are constantly looking for new professors to join the Arts Academy team.

Do you:

  • Find it tricky to find pupils privately?
  • Is marketing yourself difficult?
  • Are you frustrated by chasing unpaid invoices?
  • Are you unable to teach from your home?

 Are you:

  • A hard worker
  • Interested in passing your knowledge to others
  • Wanting to inspire a new generation of musicians


If you answered yes to any of the above, then you may be what the Arts Academy are looking for.  We are specialists in:

Getting you more pupils

We’ll help you grow your pupil base as much or as little as you want. Some of our professors want one pupil, others ten; it's completely up to you.  You won’t have the hassle of finding pupils or marketing yourself - we have a full client database. With our pupils being taught to play instruments ranging from voice to harmonica, ordinarily pupils are ready and waiting to be taught by you.

Highly lucrative income

Our hourly rate is competitive, and comes with the added bonus you have the UK’s largest music tuition business behind you. 


Our wonderful team handles all the billing, including chasing up payments. You’ll also get paid a full term in advance; and with a minimum of 10 sessions per pupil per term, you’ll know your guaranteed minimum income. 


We like to be a friendly company to work with. Once you are part of the Arts Academy family, you'll be part of The Arts Group; which also entails Arts Symphonic - a symphony orchestra, Arts Voices - a choir, Arts Associates - an artist agency.  This means we like to look after our staff; to start with, we offer to fund 50% of your ISM (Incorporated Society of Musicians) Student or first year Graduate membership. Benefits of becoming a member include careers advice, legal assistance, contract advisory services, publicity liability cover, exclusive insurance schemes, instrument protection, courses and workshops, and much, much more.  It is compulsary to become a member of the ISM or MU when joining the Arts Academy, to make sure you have the correct Public Liability insurance in place.

Position requirements

You must be a undergraduate or graduate of a music college/university. You need the ability to instruct beginner to advanced pupils from ages 4 and up. You’ll need to pass an enhanced DBS check. You must be at least 18 years old. You do not need prior teaching experience. You must be able to have fun, and pass that enjoyment onto others.

How does it work?

For every 55 minute session you teach on behalf of the Arts Academy you’ll get paid the starting rate of £20, and 30 minute sessions at £13 - way above national average rates. This all happens working in advance of each term (e.g. 10 week term at £20 = £200.00 per pupil paid into your account at the start of each term).

The management have discretionary options to increase professors pay in stages up to £25 per session for professors who have been with us over one year and have shown good commitment to the business.

We give you the freedom to fit your Arts Academy schedule in with your day to day life, as well as your financial needs. You only take on as many pupils as you need financially and socially; no minimum, no maximum!

job application form

Before you fill in the application form, please make sure you have read the information above, including pay rates and position requirements.  We do not accept CV's as applications so please do not send them in.  If you'd like to join our team of either staff or become a professor, please fill in this job application form and a member of staff will get back to you within seven working days.

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By submitting this form, I certify that the information given by me to Arts Educational Ltd (trading as the Arts Academy) is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that if I am employed, discovery that I gave false information during the application process may result in immediate dismissal. I further certify that I am not engaged in any outside activity or business that could be considered in conflict with Arts Educational Ltd (trading as the Arts Academy) interest, nor will I become engaged in such activity or business if employed. I authorise Arts Educational Ltd (trading as the Arts Academy) to solicit information regarding my education and previous employment, similar background information and to contact any and all references I have given on my application. I hereby release all parties and persons connected with any such request for information from all claims, liabilities and damages for any reason arising out of the furnishing of such information. If employed, I release Arts Educational Ltd (trading as the Arts Academy) from any liability for future references it may provide regarding my work history with Arts Educational Ltd (trading as the Arts Academy). In consideration of my employment, I agree that my employment and compensation can be terminated with or without cause, and with or without notice at any time, at the option of either Arts Educational Ltd (trading as the Arts Academy) or myself. If employed, I further agree that if Arts Educational Ltd (trading as the Arts Academy) advances any paid leave before it has been accrued, or advances or loans me any money during the course of my employment, or if I lose, damage, or fail to return any Arts Educational Ltd (trading as the Arts Academy) property, Arts Educational Ltd (trading as the Arts Academy) is authorised to deduct from my wages sufficient funds to repay such loans or advances or to replace its property.