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What is the Arts Academy method?

Our unique method focuses on separating you child’s MusicHour™ into diverse activities so there is no time for boredom, always keeping things moving, and never, ever do one task for more than 15 minutes:

  • 5 mins of Meet & Greet
  • 15 mins of revising the previous weeks piece
  • 15 mins of FunTime™ (using flash cards/playing music games)
  • 15 mins of starting the forthcoming weeks piece
  • 10 mins of FunTime™ (using flash cards/playing music games)

Is the system unique?

Yes. The system has been organically developed by Creative Director, Robert Emery over ten years of teaching. He discovered his pupils found traditional methods of learning restrictive and ineffective, leading to the creation of the Arts Academy method.

How do I know that my child will benefit from the Arts Academy method as apposed to having tuition elsewhere?

Our results speak for themselves; as do the parents of our current pupils. Look at our reviews here.

What instruments do you cover?

We cover all musical instruments - whichever your child wishes to learn, we can offer a skilled professor for the job.

Can my child learn more that one instrument?

We feel that complete beginners to music learn more efficiently by concentrating on one instrument. When we feel a pupil is ready, they may learn to play as many instruments as they wish.

Is there any music theory involved?

Music theory is an important and integral part of getting to know your instrument. Therefore at every level through our innovative technology, music theory is included in the most enjoyable way possible.

What will my child learn in a typical MusicHour™?

Click here to see a full lesson breakdown.

My children are very young. How will they concentrate for an hour?

We have discovered that the majority of children above the age of four can keep concentration for an hour due to the amount of different activities in a typical MusicHour™. Click here to see the MusicHour™ breakdown.

How do I obtain the course materials needed?

You will receive a welcome pack containing all the learning materials needed when you join the Arts Academy. After that, your professor will provide you with all the learning materials needed.

How much additional practice does my child need to do every week?

If your child joined us as a beginner, for the first few months of their tuition with the Arts Academy, we do not put any pressure on pupils to practice. After this time, your professor will create a plan that will make key suggestions about the amount of practice your child should undertake, what to do and how to do it. Don’t forget, when you join the Arts Academy, you will also receive a practice guide for parents.

Will my child take exams?

This is up to you, your child and your professor to decide. Our policy is not to work towards exams, but to take them when and if your child is ready. If we do take exams, it is usually through the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music.

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Is the tuition session always for one hour?

Yes. Our tuition session, or as we like to call it, the ‘MusicHour™’ will always be for one academic hour (55 minutes) per pupil.

How much does each MusicHour™ cost?

Each MusicHour™ costs from £39.50 per session and takes place weekly over 3 terms of autumn, spring and summer to run in conjunction with most school terms. You pay in advance upon invoice at the start of every term. Each term you will buy a package of 10 sessions. If you wish to add more than the standard 10 sessions, you can of course ‘top-up’.

Where will the MusicHour™ take place?

The MusicHour™ will take place in your own home using your child’s own instrument. We provide a competitive instrument hire and purchase service should your child not have their own.

Do parents remain in the room during the session?

No. To allow the professor and the pupil to bond fully, it is recommended that the MusicHour™ is not observed. However, professors are not allowed to be alone in the house with the pupil – a responsible adult has to be on call. Once a term, parents will be encouraged to sit in on a MusicHour™ to observe.

What happens if my child is ill or wishes to cancel a session?

A notice period of 48 hours must be given to postpone a MusicHour™ – as you pay termly in advance, if this notice period is given your MusicHour™ will be rescheduled. If however the notice period is not given, you will lose that session from your PrePaid block.

What if I have more than one child who would like music lessons?

It is recommended that each child has their own MusicHour™ and a discount is given if each child’s MusicHour™ is scheduled consecutively back to back. E.g. Tommy’s MusicHour™ commences at 4pm until 5pm, and his sister Sally’s MusicHour™ commences immediately afterwards at 5pm until 6pm. Although not recommended, it is possible to divide the MusicHour™ in certain circumstances between two children.

What is the minimum/maximum age of a person who can have music lessons?

The age range of our pupils runs from two to ninety-two!

Do you teach adults?

Yes! Simple as that. See the Adult tuition page here for more information.

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How do I know my professor is safe and qualified?

All of our sessions are taught by young, vibrant, working musicians educated at the world’s leading conservatoires. They have all been DBS/CRB checked to the highest enhanced level, have £10m public liability insurance and are all personally selected and trained in the Arts Academy method to bring out the best in your child. Of the thousands who apply, fewer than 5% are actually hired, ensuring we have the best professors available to offer you an exceptional learning experience.

Do all Arts Academy professors use the same method?

Yes. All our professors are individually trained before they teach for us. Each professor will use the same learning and tuition material.

Do I have an option of which professor I can have?

A suitable professor will be recommended depending upon your requirements. Combined with our Team's expertise, you will always make the final decision as to which professor your child learns with.

What happens if a professor is ill?

The MusicHour™ can be postponed until another date can be arranged, to fit in with your personal requirements. If by the end of the term this is not possible, a refund is made.

Are there any additional travel charges?

No. All travel costs are included in the tuition fees.






Are there any hidden costs?

No. The only costs will be the fees for the MusicHour™, examinations and learning materials. And unlike our competitors, this month we have wiped out the joining fee - so you'll be £0!

Does my child need to audition to have tuition with the Arts Academy?

No. However, all children must have a free consultation session before any tuition can commence to see if the Arts Academy method is suitable.

How do I pay?

You are invoiced for a term of tuition in advance and pay your fees either via Direct Debit. Should you wish to pay via BACS or with a debit/credit card, this is also possible. We must receive your payment before tuition can commence.

Will my child perform in any concerts?

The Arts Academy has interesting and innovative events which could be suitable for your child. To keep up to date with information, visit the Blog for upcoming events.