How do I apply?

Simply fill in the form above or give us a call to chat on 0800 038 5544. We can then discuss your application and give you more information regarding the Arts Academy franchise.

What will the total cost be?

The cost to purchase the franchise is £9,995. We do have startup loans available in certain areas. Aside from this, you will need working capital for facilities like computers, phones etc.

How long is the contract?

The initial agreement is for 5 years. This is renewable for a nominal sum providing certain criteria have been met. These criteria are detailed in the contract which will be given during the application process.

Do you need to have a musical knowledge?

No is the short answer! You are able to setup an Arts Academy franchise with absolutely no experience in music or education; however, it can be beneficial, and if you have previously played and instrument to a high standard, this does enable you to also teach for your franchise.

Can I apply for a joint franchisee with a partner?

Yes. Absolutely!

How many weeks in the year do lessons take place?

Lessons can take place throughout the whole of the year; but typically there are around 30 in a year (10 per term based on the school timetable).

I do not have any business experience – is this a problem?

Not at all. Our training and support programme is very comprehensive, so right from the outset you should feel confident to create and grow your business in a successful manner.

How do I find professors?

It will be your responsibility to advertise and interview potential professors using the guidence the Arts Academy gives you.

Can I buy a ready-made Arts Academy franchise?

Sometimes we do have franchises for sale that have already been launched. Please enquire to find out more.

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