Alex James from Britpop group Blur has been introducing young people to the world of classical songs by hosting a music session, which could encourage more children and teenagers to take up flute lessons in London.

The 1990s’ musician joined forces with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as other famous faces, to create a concert for 180 schoolchildren in Greater Manchester, the Manchester Evening News reported.

Bass player Alex hosted the event alongside CBBC’s Naomi Wilkinson, and the concert saw the orchestra play music from opera Carmen, Concerto for Turntables and Orchestra by Gabriel Prokofiev, and Shostakovich’s Tenth Symphony.

Students not only watched the musicians, but were given advice on how to respond to the pieces and understand their emotional impact. This will help them have a deeper appreciation for music and the skills required to become top performers.

As well as the pupils from Greater Manchester being able to watch the concert, children from all over the UK could see the show live on the internet, as it was streamed from the studio at BBC Salford.

The Live Lesson, as it is called, can still be seen by visiting and it is part of BBC’s Learning’s Ten Pieces. Alternatively, you can watch it on BBC2 on December 26th at 10:35.

It is aimed at motivating more young people to be interested in classical music by introducing ten great pieces of composition to schoolchildren around the country.

Alex wasn’t the only celebrity at the event, with the likes of Lemn Sissy, DJ Mr Switch and street artist Stik all turning up to show their support for music education in children and teenagers.