The majority of people who want to learn how to play the piano properly look to employ the services of a piano teacher. Although there are many book based and online tutorials, there are few better alternatives than having a teacher. The right teacher can not only put you through your paces, they can devise a creative and fun learning system for you and encourage you as you begin to find your way.

Many people, in all areas of life, credit a good teacher with their success and piano playing is no different. A poor teacher, or one who is personally a poor fit for you, may hinder any potential you have.

Therefore, the importance of finding a good teacher should never be underestimated andit should be something that you put a good deal of thought into. However, finding a good teacher may be easier said than done. This is why it’s important to consider a number of key characteristics when searching for a teacher.


No 1: Enthusiasm

An enthusiastic teacher can be almost infectious: their love and affection for their craft is certain to rub off on their students. In seeking out an enthusiastic teacher, you should consider that their passion spreads throughout their entire craft, all genres of music (so they’re not going to steer you in one direction) and that they’re passionate about your studies. They should be almost hungry for you to succeed under their tutelage.

No 2: Focused

Although you want a teacher who is passionate about the entire subject, you also want someone who appreciates your goals and helps you to remain focused. If your key objective in learning to play digital pianos is to be able to play for your children and grandchildren, a teacher who pushes you into orchestral performance clearly does not understand your goals.

No 3: Patience

Depending on your history and your own experience, you might need a teacher who is particularly patient as they’re teaching you. Of course, you’ll need encouragement but you’ll also need someone who is able to teach at your speed and connect with you on a level which will motivate you to learn quickly and effectively.

No 4:  Experience

Some teachers are highly sought after because of the experience they have. They might be retired performers or have a reputation for excellent examination results. They might have many contacts in professional music and are then able to move their more gifted students into the right circles for professional play, or they might simply have a reputation for being able to bring difficult or slow to learn students to quick success. Whatever your requirement, it’s a good idea to search for a teacher based on their experience and reputation, and how this fits in with your needs.

About the Author:
David has a keen interest in music. He deals with Broughton Pianos and writes in his spare time.