While the new Star Wars films is sure to have the kids reaching for spaceship toys and light sabres for months to come, thanks to the blockbuster film’s stars, it might just have them reaching for a microphone and attending the best singing lessons London has to offer as well.

Simply sit them down in front of this incredible video from US talk show host Jimmy Fallon who used the cast to record a completely acapella version of the classic theme tune. The video shows how music can be made using just the human voice, and is sure to inspire some youngsters to do a little bit more singing, or perhaps even join a choir.

However, Arts Academy singing lesson tutors will also focus on singing along to music and understanding how youngsters can achieve great results through practice training their voice.

The Star Wars theme tune isn’t just great for teaching little ones about singing acapella however, it’s also an amazing piece of music in its own right, as is the rest of the music in the film. Both the old films and the new pieces of cinema are scored by the iconic John Williams.

Overture, the piece sang acapella on Jimmy Fallon by the cast, is by far the most iconic piece of music, which is played at the beginning of the film and throughout when Luke Skywalker features in the film. This is something that could look to be taught as a fun lesson for your child, no matter what the instrument.