Acclaimed conductor and composer Sir James MacMilan has called on countries across Europe to change their approach to music education, saying that exposure has to start when children are just babes in arms.

This is sure to be of interest to any parents out there considering sending their youngsters off for classical guitar lessons in London at the moment.

Sir James is due to address some of the most eminent academics and musicians in the world at the AEC Congress and General Assembly in Glasgow this week, taking place between November 12th and 14th, hosted by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

“Young people are our future musicians and audience, we must look at what we are doing now and plan for the future and I am talking about the inclusion of the very young, babes in arms, they are our future and how we educate them now will dictate what we have in the future,” Sir James said.

At the conference this weekend, the musician will say that the key to establishing a vibrant cultural environment worldwide is to think how partnerships and connections can be made globally and how music and culture can then be linked on a more local level.

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