If your children are keen football players but you want to foster an interest in music-making as well, perhaps point out to them that Premier League player Raheem Sterling is currently taking piano lessons.

According to the Daily Star, the Manchester City attacking midfielder spent £10,000 on a brand-new Yamaha but has been putting off learning – which no doubt many piano students out there can relate to. After all, practicing piano (or any instrument, for that matter) can be like pulling teeth… but if you want to get better, you have to put the hours in.

A source close to the player told the newspaper that Sterling used to just walk past his new piano and run his fingers over the keyboard, promising himself that he’d have lessons one day.

“Now he’s taken the plunge and is enjoying immersing himself in the music. He is proving quite adept, he’s got rhythm and flow on the field and people with that inner feeling for balance and good timing usually make good pupils,” the source went on to say.

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