The new service fills the gap that group music classes leave in terms of actual benefits of music

The Arts Academy, an innovative music tuition service providing private lessons all over London, recently launched a special service for the energetic and inquisitive 2 to 4 years old.  Arts Academy Mini is the first such solution to provide tailored, one-to-one music classes for toddlers, in our parents homes.

Founder and Creative Director Robert Emery says:

“We all know that toddlers are an unlimited source of energy; they are desperate for things to learn and absorb knowledge and information at a pace which cannot be equaled later in life.  In fact, this crucial age sets the road ahead for cognitive development and motor skills; all of which learning music has scientifically been proven to enhance dramatically.”

The traditional group class has been popular up until now as parent’s believed these were socially beneficial for the child.  However true this may be, most children already benefit from learning social skills at nursery or school.  As one teacher cannot monitor the progress of all children equally, the musical benefits are limited in this situation.  Arts Academy Mini is different; all classes are one-to-one, with the teacher making the child comfortable by visiting their home.  The bonus of this usually means that parent’s can also have a little ‘me time’ whilst the session is happening.

To celebrate the launch of this service, for a limited time Arts Academy Mini is giving away free taster sessions.