The summer holiday is just around the corner…

A lot of parents will do anything to keep their child occupied during this long break. Most parents don’t want to see their kids spending all their free time playing useless video games or spending endless hours talking on the phone. So wouldn’t it be nice if you were to create a friendly, creative and stimulating environment for your children.

According to the latest Harvard-based study on mental development and music education, there is empirical evidence that a child who is actively engaged in a musical activity is more likely to achieve much higher scores in the school then an average counterpart their age.  Another scientific research shows that music training may promote and develop a key set of mental skills. In other words, your children can be developing their mind, body and musical skills whilst having fun!

The Arts Academy has the solution for you and your child this summer; the Summer Starter Package.  Available for all instruments and any age from two years and upwards, this special offer consists of four 1 hour sessions, all books, games and materials, and relevant instrument hire* for just £150.  This represents a saving of £77 off the individual purchase price!  Not only that, but for this limited edition package, we are offering a no obligation contract – so after the four sessions, should you not wish to continue with music lessons, this is easy to do without any penalty.  What’s more, we offer our unconditional 100% money back guarantee.