Once again, the annual celebration of the life and work of the great Scottish Poet Robert Burns is upon us. This January 25th, gather your friends to have a wee dram (or three), and recite some of Rabbie’s best. Maybe go all out and get a piper to help you parade the haggis through the hall (or through your open plan kitchen) – don’t forget to reward him with a guid whisky gill- and recite Burns’ Address to a haggis before slicing it open with your dirk.

Traditionally a night filled with good food, friends, music, poetry and performance, Burns Night is an excellent opportunity to flex those old performance muscles, dust off your old violin and just go for it. As long as the whisky holds out, you can be as rusty as you want! If there ever was a time for an impromptu ceilidh, this is it.

Not many poets today are celebrated by scholars and aesthetes while being drunkenly exclaimed by drouthy celebrants at the same time, so have a listen to the short playlist we have put together on Spotify and you’ll find that Burns’ works have been set and arranged by a host of legendary composers, and still reverberate in the classical and folk scene today.