If you’re looking into guitar lessons in London at the moment either for yourself or for your child, the first thing you should decide upon – apart from which teacher to go for – is whether you would be better learning on an acoustic or an electric guitar.

For smaller children, an electric guitar may actually be the better option since the necks are a lot thinner than those on an acoustic, so it’ll be easier for them to work out the fingering and place their fingers in the correct places on the strings.

Another good point about acoustic guitars is that you can simply just pick one up and play it, as there’s no need for an amplifier – a fact that can really help with practice sessions. Additionally, they’re often cheaper as well since you don’t have to buy other equipment. If your child is keen to learn either folk or classical music, then an acoustic would also perhaps be the better option.

However, if your child or yourself wants to learn rock or metal, then an electric guitar is clearly the best choice. The necks are a lot slimmer, with lower gauge strings and playing action, so it’s better for your fingers, although the strings are closer together which can make it harder to play.

It may make more sense to learn on an acoustic in the very beginning, however, since it can toughen your fingertips up and make your finger muscles stronger a lot quicker. But bear in mind that you want to make it as easy to learn as possible, so don’t buy something that won’t motivate you to play it.


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About the author, Creative Directer Robert Emery

Robert Emery is a conductor, pianist and serial entrepreneur.

He is lucky enough to travel the world; ranging from performances in London's Royal Albert Hall, through to the Sydney Opera House, Robert Emery has seen them all.

Besides music, Robert is the Founder & Director of The Arts Group; one of the most diverse entertainment companies in the UK. Besides the Arts Acadeny, within the portfolio is a symphony orchestra, choir, artist agency, record label and production company.

Aside from that, he lives in London and Cambridge, has 1 wife, 1 baby boy and 4 cats.