When choosing a piano, first find out the different classifications and types, then follow our tips when you choose the best piano for you and your home.

There are two classifications of the piano – vertical and horizontal. We will discuss the types of pianos under these two classifications.


Vertical Pianos (Upright)

These are classified as vertical pianos because in a vertical piano, the location of the strings as well as their height ranges from 36-60 inches.

Spinet – this is the most popular choice of most people especially since this type of piano fits in limited living spaced like apartments. The only downside is that, it has less power and accuracy because of the size and howit was constructed.

Console – a bit larger compared to the spinet. This comes in different styles and finishes and produces a more enhanced tones.

Studio – typically what the schools use and in music studios as well. This type of piano produces a good tone quality and it is very durable.

Upright – this is the tallest among the vertical type pianos and can stand the test of time. Another feature is that it has a rich tone.


Horizontal Pianos (Grand Pianos)

These are widely known as the grand piano and the above are classified as horizontal pianos because of the length and placement of their strings. Another added feature to grand pianos is that they produce a much finer tones and has the most responsive key action.

petite grand – this is the smallest among the horizontal pianos but even if it is small, it is a powerful piano.

baby grand – Quite the popular piano because of the sound quality, affordability and its aesthetic appeal.

medium grand – this is just larger in size compared to the baby grand.

parlor grand – another term for this is the grand piano, which you find in big living room spaces.

semiconcert or the ballroom – this is the next size up in size from the parlor grand piano.

concert grand – this is considered as the largest among the horizontal pianos.

There are other types of pianos that you ought to know such as the digital pianos, the designer pianos, as well as the rebuilt and vintage pianos.


Suggestions and tips to buying a piano that is right for you:

  1. Pick which type of piano you want and that fits in the you have allocated for it.
  2. Pick the type of brand that you might be interested in or provides a better piano quality.
  3. Pick a piano that has the musical tone that you like.
  4. The keyboard should have some resistance to the fingers, but still comfortable enough to play.
  5. German-made pianos are the best – quality-wise. However, they are very expensive but well worth it.
  6. The main thing when buying the best piano really is pick the one that really fits your needs and requirements. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive – as long as it is within your budget and can provide a very good quality sound.


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About the author, Creative Directer Robert Emery

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