You’re sure to be very excited for your first session with your music teacher after booking cello lessons in London but just to help you really get to grips with this fine instrument, here are a few essential tips to maximise your chances of success.

What to wear

Make sure you wear something soft and that you don’t have any buttons pressing against the cello. You’ll find they create a buzz when you play and could damage the wood. Wearing trousers is also advisable because of the position you have to sit in. Tight skirts can prove problematic.

Invest in a rockstop

You need to make sure your cello end pin won’t slip when it’s on the floor, so use a cello anchor or rockstop to keep your instrument in one place.

Patience is a virtue

Learning a musical instrument isn’t easy but it is very rewarding. You need to be as patient as possible and put the time in so you pick it up quickly and don’t become frustrated. If you do find yourself getting annoyed, take a break and come back to it. It’s meant to be fun and enjoyable!

Learn your scales

Pick a few scales and warm up by practising them. You need to know your scales in order to be able to play properly but practice slowly, using your full bowing motion so you can get a feel for it and it becomes more natural.

If you want to learn or your child is keen to take the cello up, get in touch with us here at Arts Academy to see how we can help.