Learning an instrument takes commitment, so choosing the right instrument is important.

If you're considering toddlers music classes in London, you'll probably also be weighing up which musical instruments you'd like your child to learn.

A 2014 study from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music showed there has been a boom in children taking up new instruments. More than three-quarters of the five to 14-year-olds polled said they know how to play an instrument, compared with just 41 per cent in 1999.

As more youngsters become interested in expanding their musical skills, it's only natural that you'll want to help them select an instrument that is most suited to their talents. However, this can seem a daunting decision when there is such a huge range of options to choose from.

Ultimately, the best way to maintain your child's enthusiasm for music lessons in London is to ensure they enjoy them. They may already have a favourite instrument in mind, whether that's based on music they've heard or friends and family members who play the same instrument.

However, if your son or daughter needs guidance in this area, high-end tuition services can provide some assistance. Skilled musicians will bring a selection of instruments to your home, allowing children to experiment and choose something with which they feel comfortable.
Good starter instruments for young children include the piano and the violin. Many parents encourage piano lessons, as it provides a great overall understanding of musical and perceptual skills. The violin enables children to learn pitch and tune, and benefits from being small enough to aid handling.

There are some excellent resources and advise forums available on the net, some of the best include: