After you've been having French horn lessons in London for a while, you'll have to give your instrument a bit of a clean.

As you play your horn, you'll find that it collects moisture inside it from all that warm air entering from your mouth. If you don't clean this out each and every time you play, you'll find that it accumulates over time and can cause a few problems.

Once you've finished playing, empty all the water out and wipe down the outside of the horn using a polishing cloth. This will stop it from becoming tarnished and keep it looking beautiful for longer.

Once a week, make sure that you clean the mouthpiece using warm water and liquid soap. Check that all the slides move easily and if any are sticking, use some slide grease to lubricate them properly.

You'll then need to make sure you take your French horn is taken apart and given a very thorough clean. Remove all the slides and wipe the grease off them, then fill your bath with enough water to submerge the instrument. Do not use hot water as this will cause damage. Once it's soaked for around an hour, use a snake brush to clean out the tubing.

Rinse it all down, wipe the outside of the horn and blow out any water that may be in the tubing. Lay it out to dry and use rotary valve oil to coat your valves. Ensure that you use grease on the slides once again when putting everything back together. Watch this video for even more hints and tips.