Unless you are very lucky indeed, you spend a large amount of your time as a professional musician finding work for yourself. Organising rehearsals, finding gigs, getting people to support you by purchasing tickets, albums and merch.

One of the best ways to grow your audience, and sell more tickets, is to create and maintain an effective online presence. Get your WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn working for you. Announce your tours, gigs, post press, reviews, special offers, newsletters. All this can very easily get on top of you though, but I think I may have found the most useful tool in the Artist PR Machine: CoSchedule.com

So, CoSchedule is a content and social media scheduler/publisher, which functions much like a mobile phone or a microwave does - in that you don't think you need one until you have one, and then you can't live without it. Basically, CoSchedule takes most of the effort, time pressure and frustration out of promoting yourself and your work online. All you do is write the content at a time that suits you, CoSchedule takes care of the rest.

All your content in one place

When will you announce your next performance, a tour update, the release of your album? You should probably also remind people that tickets are still available for this one gig. You can schedule all of this and add it to your CoSchedule content calendar. Which is pretty nifty, right? You can drag and drop stuff around in case there is a change of plan (and let's be honest there will be a change of plan somewhere) and if you connect your CoSchedule directly to Wordpress you can do everything from your calendar.

Share the load with other band members

If you're sharing social media accounts, or if you're the one in charge of them and you'd rather others contributed too ;-), you can add each member of your band as a Team member. This means you divide up your responsibilities and set up tasks i.e. "Make a poster" for Robert and "Write a press release" for Amanda, all to do with your upcoming tour. It's so easy to track 

Schedule your social media

Your gig is planned, you've even got a special offer on where everyone who shows up wearing green gets in half price (you'll be filming part of your new video there, after all). All you need to do now is get the word out, and get people to check your website. CoSchedule allows you to schedule a social campaign around your content, spreading the word via your Twitter, Facebook, Google+. Automagically publish to your social media accounts on the day you post to your website, hours later, days later, and so forth. 

Free up time, grow your audience

As a self-employed musician, time is your most precious resource. There are only so many hours in the days and you need them for rehearsing, planning, practice, performing (and eating and sleeping, maybe). You'll definitely find that using CoSchedule frees up your time, as well as helping you to create a better presence online, and growing your audience as a result. And we all like large audiences!


(Coschedule can be found at http://www.coschedule.com; screenshots provided by them)