5-10 Years


5-10 Years

music classes for youngsters

The most common age for children to start learning a musical instrument are the ages of 5 to 10.


I'm sure you know someone who gave up music lessons as a child because they were bored with the instrument; bored with the lessons; bored with the teacher.  Our number one priority is to make sure this doesn't happen - and being the only company who have the MusicHour™ system, means our clients stay on average 87% longer with an Arts Academy professor than with any other teacher.


It has been statistically proven time and time again that enjoying the task at hand improves the learning speed by up to 70%.  Which is why our slogan is 'Fun Learning Music'.  Don't just take our word for it, read the study 'A Critical period of Brain Development' by H.T. Chugani.


All our professors are trained to teach, not just to play their instrument.  All have the highest enhanced DBS security check.  All have £10m in Public Liability insurance. All have been through the NSPCC Child protection Awareness programme. Need we say more?!

Group Classes vs 1-2-1  

At this age, each child has a different way of learning and a different speed of learning. Grouping children together for certain activities can be a tremendous idea; but for learning a musical instrument, your child deserves the full and undivided attention of the teacher.  This way, and only this way, can they get the personalised tuition they really need.

If you'd like to read an in-depth study as to the positive affects learning music has on children, click here.


Our MusicHour™ is how we break each one hour lesson into different activities, therefore always keeping your child entertained and alert.

So why have group classes when your child can benefit from one-to-one sessions, and get ahead of the game!