2-4 Years


2-4 Years

music classes for toddlers


Toddlers are naturally energetic and inquisitive. If you nurture this energy into creativity, then your child will benefit from:

Musical Development  

All children enjoy music, so there's no better time to inspire what will become a lifelong love of music. Start them learning music at pre-school level, and they'll be advanced for their years.

Cognitive and Social Development  

It's been proven that one-to-one tuition based around rhythm and pitch increases your child's attention, helps them to understand working towards a goal, and aids the development of planning and organisation.

Motor Skills

As your child starts to play instruments, using fingers independently, you'll notice that hand muscles learn to cooperate more and more with the brain, benefiting from advanced motor skills at an early age. 


All our professors are trained to teach, not just to play their instrument.  All have the highest enhanced DBS security check.  All have £10m in Public Liability insurance. All have been through the NSPCC Child protection Awareness program. Need we say more?!

If you'd like to read an in-depth study as to the positive affects learning music has on children, click here.


So why have group classes when your child can benefit from one-to-one sessions, and get ahead of the game!